What is AGILITY?

A dog sport where handler directs a dog through an obstacle course. The handler/dog team is evaluated by speed and accuracy. Agility is run through a number of different venues and within each there are a variety of games (or classes). The games dictate which and how many of the obstacles are used to maneuver through the course. The obstacles include tunnels, jumps, a teeter, a-frame and weave poles. The dogs are classified into a division by their height at the withers. Each dog and handler team will compete against other teams according to their height division.

​Ever consider playing Agility with your dog?

A tired dog is a well behaved dog! Agility is a sport for handler and dog that challenges your mind and body (i.e. good for both of you). It is a great workout for both handler and dog. A few minutes of challenging your dogs mind can be more exercise than walking a few miles. Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports and whether you want to compete of just play for fun it is a great way to bond with your dog and build the kind of relationship with your dog to be envied.