COVID-19 Plan


Our K-9 Rattlesnake Aversion Training team at Natural Solutions and hosts are still dedicated to offering this potentially life-saving service for your dog which can benefit the whole family. It is our hope that the training scheduled for May 1st, 2020 will still be able to proceed (meaning that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will have hopefully gotten under control and that life in Southern CA will be starting to head back toward a level of normalcy).  Should this change between now and then, the event will need to reschedule and we will let you know a new date or dates as soon as available.  We strive to offer a safe environment in response to current events so please consider the following: 


1. When you arrive at the location, please stay in your vehicle with your dog.  We will be coming over to greet and check you in, collect your pre-filled out training form, ask any questions, and introduce trainers to owners when it's each dog's turn. There should only be one family member per dog outside of the vehicle at a time during each training session with one of the trainers. We are also completely fine with a dog needing to relieve itself during the training so please don't fret about making sure it potties when you arrive. 


2. Please bring the attached training form filled out in advance with you.  Please also bring payment ready and made out as instructed ($75 cash or check per dog...checks should be made out to "Natural Solutions."). We will have a few extra blank forms on disinfected clipboards available for those without printers in a pinch. Please at least bring your own pen if this is the case.


3. When possible, dogs should come with their own flat collar or martingale adjusted quite snugly and higher up their neck so it cannot slip over their head. If they use a harness, we would still prefer a snug flat collar as well and will clip to both to have some control over the dog's head. Very small breeds, especially those that may have sensitive tracheas can be fine on just a snugly adjusted harness. Obviously particular medical reasons why a larger dog cannot wear a flat collar will be worked with according to their needs. This will enable us to easily clip and unclip our long line leashes to dogs with very little to no contact with an owner's collars/leashes. 


4. Though we have provided a handful of chairs for use in the past, we will not have them at this training to reduce surface cross-contact. If you need a chair to use while your dog is being trained (which typically averages around 10 minutes give or take), please bring your own.


5. Apologies but there will not be restrooms available to attendees. If using a restroom at home or enroute, may put you behind by a few minutes, not worries.  Life happens and we are definitely still accommodating if you arrive a few minutes late. 


6. Please don't arrive super early before your time. Also, when your dog is finished, please don't linger to chat or watch other non-family dogs go through the training. We would like to have fewer people and cars present at a particular time to allow the individual trainings to operate smoothly and with limited distractions. 


7. We will be practicing social distancing and will be refraining from shaking hands. We will also be disinfecting our hands between each family's dogs should we need to touch an owner’s own equipment.  Our equipment (collars and leashes) will also be disinfected between each family's dogs.  We ask that each owner practices social distancing from other attendees as well at at least the recommended 6ft. 


8. Though we understand and appreciate your desires to have your dog go through training on this date, we insist that if you are feeling sick or have been recently exposed to anyone sick, you cancel and find us for training later this year (schedule will be at and has dates and locations added and rescheduled regularly).


Thank you first and foremost for wanting to make your dog safer and additionally for helping us keep our training clinics safe for all attendees!

This information will be emailed to you along with your entry form.